The power or the effect of photography…or just agenda setting?

Visual images have always played immense role in conveying ideas, framing issues and through and along other mechanisms- impact on our perception.
An images not only accompany text but poses its own, sometimes much stronger power,have been proved to influence public opinion and even lead to political decision at the highest levels. Photos of U.S soldiers dragged through Mogadishu ultimately causing withdrawal of US from from Somalia, might be one of those cases, possibly most known and much related with the CNN effect.
There have been plenty more to bring…

While writing just about Christmas time, with the online sphere, social media talking about every aspect of the festive period, you might forgot about the Ayla Kurdi case. On September 2nd, Twittersphere started spreading the photo of 3years old Syrian boy drown while along with family trying to get the Greek island of Kos.

The following day we saw ALL UK NEWSPAPERS’COVERS telling his story, including those so well known for the hostile language regarding the refugee crisis (wish you they were calling it this way).

Something happened.

Has it remained this way until now? Or at least until the time of Paris attacks coverage in media..

Let’s see…
Some argued that the language changed, that the event caused more human rhetoric towards refugees… Google Trends indicates some changes…


But what if we would check if the language and media’s presenting of the crisis actually changed…Changed just temporarily or permanently?

To investigate this I am going to run comparative media content analysis of coverage before and after the event…I am planning to look at headlines, the framing of those articles and visual elements…

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